Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all design services offered by Karen Davies.

By requesting services from Karen Davies, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Payment Terms

Non-refundable booking fee.

The Client must pay a non-refundable book fee prior to the project commencing. There will be a 7-day cooling off period where the Client may change their mind. After this, all monies paid will not be refunded.

50% deposit is required before any project commences. Payment by bank transfer will only be accepted. Karen Davies reserves the right to withhold final design files or withdraw all web pages until full payment has been received for a project. Any payment returned by the bank will incur an administration charge of 1.5%. This will be invoiced and added to the outstanding debt owed by the Client.

Karen Davies also reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice. However, if a Client has already commissioned any services from Karen Davies prior to any change in prices, that commission will not be subject to any increase, but any subsequent commission may be subject to an increase.


Karen Davies owns the copyright of all content, materials, logos and design elements unless otherwise stated. These elements may not be copied, reproduced, rewritten, published or altered in any way without written permission from Karen Davies.

On completion of any commissioned design work, full copyright is passed to the Client once payment has been received in full. However, Karen Davies retains the right to use the final artwork in any portfolios or for marketing/advertising purposes, both on and offline. Client agreement will be requested beforehand.

The copyright of any earlier concepts or design ideas that may have been supplied to you to preview remains with Karen Davies.

Karen Davies retains the right to use such initial concepts in future projects and also reserves the right to use stock images in the creation of designs if required. Costs of this will be outlined to the Client prior to purchase.

Change of project request

If the Client wants to change the project after acceptance of the proposal, the Client will need to send Karen Davies a written Change Order describing the requested changes in detail. Within 14 days of receiving a Change Order, Karen Davies will respond with a statement proposing my availability, additional fees, changes to delivery dates, and any modification to the Terms and Conditions. Karen Davies will evaluate each Change Order at its standard rate and charges.

Major project change request

If the Client requests are at or near 20% percent of the time required to produce Deliverables, or the value of the proposal, Karen Davies will then be entitled to submit a new and separate Proposal to the Client for written approval. Karen Davies will not begin work on the revised services until Karen Davies receives a fully signed revised proposal and any additional fees.

Minor project change request

If the Client requests are not Major Changes, then the Client will be charged on a time and materials basis at our hourly rate of £80.00. Such charges shall be in addition to all other amount payable under this Agreement, despite any maximum budget, contract price or final price identified. Karen Davies may extend or modify any delivery schedule or deadlines in the Agreement as may be required by such changes.


The Client will have 14 days to respond in writing accepting or rejecting the new proposal. If the Client rejects the proposal, Karen Davies will not be obligated to perform any services beyond those in the original proposal.

Supplier delays

Karen Davies shall use all reasonable efforts to meet the Work Plan and Milestones delivery schedule. Karen Davies may extend the due date for any Deliverable by giving written notice to Client. The total of all extensions shall not exceed 20 working days.

Client delays

The Client shall use all reasonable efforts to provide needed information, materials and approvals as per the Scope of Works. If there are any delays by the Client then the Client will need to notify Karen Davies in writing within a reasonable timeframe. If however the project has been delayed for over 5 days without any notification then a payment charge of 8% (of the total project) will be added to the final balance.

If the Client does not make contact and the delays result in 30 days then Karen Davies reserves the right to cancel the project. All monies paid will be non-refundable and any costs outstanding (as per the proposal) will be due to be paid as per the agreed payment terms.

General delays

Any delays caused due to conditions beyond Karen Davies’s reasonable control, shall not be considered a breach. Karen Davies shall use reasonable efforts to notify the Client, in writing, of a delay. Conditions beyond my reasonable control includes (but are not limited to) natural disasters, acts of government after the date of agreement, power failure, fire, flood, acts of God, labor disputes, riots, acts of war, terrorism and epidemics.


Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. Any monies paid to date will not be refunded and any costs outstanding (as per the proposal) will be due to be paid as per the agreed payment terms.

Contacting me 

If you have any questions about this policy or our use of cookies, please contact me at hello@karen-davies.com.

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