Planning Your Online Course

Planning Your Online Course Workshop
Planning Your Online Course Workshop

Do you want to make passive revenue whilst creating a positive impact in the world?

If so, then consider creating an online course.

An online course will help to:

  • Position you as an expert
  • Build resilience in your business model
  • Solidify your online brand
  • Widen your customer base
  • And more importantly, help you to make more money whilst you sleep!

In today’s tough times, we need to be thinking outside the box and creating ways to keep our businesses successfully growing even when we cannot be at the helm.

The truth is that anyone who can facilitate a transition (however small), can create a digital course.

This fantastic workshop gently guides you step-by-step through the process of creating a digital course for your business.

From how to choose the perfect topic, to choosing the right tech, to creating content and delivering it to your audience through a (very) easy to create sales system, this workshop will show you that all it takes to create a truly successful online course is a little work and a lot of passion!

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is PERFECT for female entrepreneurs and small business owners, both new and experienced.
  • Anyone who is interested in creating a digital course but has no idea where to start
  • Anyone who is looking to create a passive revenue stream for their business
  • Anyone who wants to leverage their skills and expertise to create a positive impact in the world
  • Anyone interested in creating a digital product
  • Anyone who wants to widen their customer base by creating digital courses
Karen Davies, Digital Course Expert

Ready to get started?

Creating a successful business can be overwhelming, so my advice is don’t do it alone.
Regardless of what stage you at in the process, I would encourage you to pick up the phone and together we can discuss your ideas to formulate a plan of action.