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“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”

– Estée Lauder

If you are planning on offering a course online then you might want to think about how you can make money from your offer before you have even created it. This could be something that you might be interested in if you want to create some revenue to support you whilst you are creating your online course.

I want to share a really simple strategy to help you generate money for your online course.

Here are the key benefits of pre-selling your online course:

  1. It will confirm that there is a need for what you are creating so it validates your idea
  2. It stops you from wasting your time on creating something that won’t sell
  3. It builds your confidence because you know people want what you are creating
  4. It stops you from procrastinating or wasting time on trying to make it perfect because you need to get it done
  5. It focuses your effort so that you actually do get it done! There’s no walking away from it half-way through!
  6. It forces you to work to a realistic timeframe because students are waiting for it
  7. You can get instant insight and feedback from those who have bought your course during the pre-sell stage
  8. It’s a great way to build your email list
  9. It generates you revenue so you can create your course and get paid!
  10. and finally, it does wonder for your motivation levels!

You really don’t have to wait until your course is finished in order to start making money. This is something you could implement today.

So how do you get started with this?

I am going to share with you 5 things to consider when creating your pre-sell offer…

#1: Decide on your dates

A pre-sell offer works best when it’s done for a limited period of time so decide when your pre-sell offer will be available and when you will close the cart. This will need to be communicated to your audience so that they know that this will only be available for a limited period of time.

#2: Your Offer

Your offer is the first and most important thing you need to work on when starting to promote your course. You need to be clear about what you are offering your students and how it will benefit them. This way, when you are talking about your course, you will be able to communicate the offer effectively and entice people to sign up.

#3: Pre-Sales Page / thank you

Second create a sales page – this is where you outline what your course offers are and how it will make a difference to students’ lives. Create a call to action like a buy now button that will lead them to a check out page.

You’ll also need to create a thank you page once payment has been received.

#4: Testimonials

Always include testimonials if you can because they help to give your course credibility. Even if you don’t have any testimonial for your course, you can use clients’ reviews from other courses.

#5: Email Sequence

Next set up your email sequence… now what I advise is that you work this out beforehand because you will need to set up multiple emails. You will need to include a start date for your students to gain access to your course once it’s ready. As soon as they have paid, you want to then set up an email that thanks your student for payment and provides them with the information that they need in order to access your course.


I want you to really think about selling your course ahead of creating it because it will make your life so much easier as you create your online course. If you can start generating money ahead of launching your course, it will help you to get your course out into the world. The challenge will be pushing past the fear of selling something before you have created it.