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Karen Davies

Personal Journey

“Change is the end result of all true learning.”

– Leo Buscaglia

Courses transformed my life and now I am doing what I love – every, single day.

I know this statement sounds dramatic (and I am really not a dramatic person) but it’s true. They helped me to change the course of direction I was on and gave me the tools and tactics needed to up level myself so that I could cultivate real change in my life.

I spent so long daydreaming about what my life could be like and from the moment I started working, I developed this hole inside that felt empty and hollow. I’ve always been ambitious even from a very young age. I used to daydream about the job I would have once I left school and how I would start at the bottom of the ladder and aim towards the top.

You see, taking courses helped me to upscale and changed direction in my life as they equipped me with the knowledge and understanding I needed to pursue my passions and dreams. I took courses over a five-year period, which helped me understand the industry. Taking courses individually gave me the understanding and the skills I needed to make the change and the shift I wanted so badly in my life. 
I realised at the age of 22 that I now wanted to pursue the career I’d fallen into. I left school, not knowing what I wanted to do. However, I wanted to do something that I was passionate about. So I decided in my early 20s to attend evening school to figure out what I wanted to do in my career. Had I not been able to do this, I would have been stuck and felt I had no options available. Taking courses gave me insight and developed my understanding, and inspired my passion further. 
I wanted to focus my energies on areas that meant something to me — not just showing up to a job or partying. I want to be and feel inspired and inspire others as well. Thus the reason for taking up courses. Not only did it give me insight, but it allowed me to: 
  • Understand in-depth knowledge of both the industry and the career I was choosing
  • It gave me the confidence needed to be able to follow through on what was really important for me 
  • Feel in control 
  • Being able to provide courses that allow others to thrive and elevate themselves to a higher tier in their life. 
Had I not taken the path I’ve taken and done the courses I needed to take, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Today, I have a successful Brand Studio, and I’m helping female entrepreneurs package up and share knowledge and skills whilst making money — and it’s life-changing! 
It’s given me freedom, independence and provided me with control over my career and future, as well as allowed me to build something I feel passionate about.
Taking courses helped me impact other people’s lives by sharing the skills, knowledge, and expertise I’ve gained. Plus, with all the clients that I’ve worked with, I’ve helped them to not only elevate their businesses but work with clients that they wanted to and provided them with insights and knowledge about who they are, why they’re doing, what they’re doing, and how they can really make a difference. 
And that’s why I think that digital courses — either taking them or creating them — are one of the most powerful tools you can create in business. It changes people’s lives, gives them options, and makes a difference whilst helping you make money. Not only does it help you expand your reach and appeal to new audiences, but it also enables you to create a more robust business given by the skills and knowledge you got from digital courses.