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“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

– Socrates

Thanks to the advent of course platforms and user-friendly technology, creating digital courses can now be easy as ever! But still, if you have no idea where and how to start, it might be a little overwhelming and confusing — I know, been there, done that.

However, with the proper guidance and inspiration, you’ll get your digital course up and running in no time! This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of creating one, the benefits, and helpful tools and resources to make it a success.

What is a digital online course?

Digital online courses are a type of learning that uses digital technology. Some examples are ‘Duolingo’, ‘Coursera’, and ‘Linkedin Learning with Lynda’. It allows students to take courses online, doing internet research, watching videos, and both student and teacher using digital tools like smart boards, tablets, or even your handy mobile phones.

In fact, 99% of mobile users stated mobile learning enhances their experiences, and most especially, the digital learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion in 2025. Now, how awesome is that?

And thanks to the rise of technology, and widespread availability of the internet, the barriers to learning are now a thing of the past. But how does this benefit and grow your business?

How digital courses can help your business to grow

A digital online course can help you develop a skill to boost your career — anytime, anywhere. But as a business, these online courses can help your customers use your product effectively and get better results.

Not only that, but it provides more value, attracts leads, showcases authority, fosters discussions, and most importantly, has the potential to reach a global audience.

The key benefits of including a digital course in your business

The benefits of starting an online course is huge. As technology continues to improve day by day, so does the effectiveness of digital marketing, especially online courses. And when leveraged correctly, this could get your business on a global scale.

The biggest advantages of having one are:


  • Wider audience base
  • More robust business model
  • Create more impact
  • Become an authority in your space
  • Create passive revenue streams

How to get started on online courses 

When it comes to creating a digital course, you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on fancy equipment, a smart phone will do. What’s important is your expertise and how you deliver it to your audience.

Decide on a topic 

Decide on your course topic. When choosing your topic, focus on a niche area (a segment of the market) rather than going too broad on a subject. The more focused you are on a niche area, the more opportunity you have to convey your expertise, and students are also more likely to get better and more effective results.

Validate your idea 

Now that you have your course topic, it’s now time to validate your course idea. When it comes to your course, don’t make assumptions as you may find that you miss what your audience may actually need help with.

You don’t want to end up spending a great deal of time and energy creating digital courses that people are not prepared to pay for. Consider these questions in mind:

  • Why would someone pay for this course?
  • What challenge does the course solve?
  • What transition does it facilitate?
  • What are the expected learning outcomes?
  • Why is your course different from competitors?

Not only that, but you can also utilise search and engines and in-depth research relating to your course topic. Or better yet, you can ask your target audience by creating a poll, going on focus groups, doing webinars, surveys, and adding lead magnets.

In conclusion… 

You need to create long-lasting customer relationships instead of one-time, flashy ones that your audience forgets. With a digital course, you can build your customer base and improve brand recognition!

Thinking of creating a digital course for your business? Then download my ’10 Steps to Digital Course Success’ today.