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Karen Davies, Digital Course Expert


My name is Karen and I help ambitious Coaches, Creatives & Consultants create more time and financial freedom in their business by helping them to create online digital courses with confidence and ease.

“Online learning is not
the next big thing,
it is the NOW big thing”

– Donna J. Abernathy

Want to have more income, control and freedom?

Did you know that creating a digital course is a great way to create passive revenue, widen your audience base and position you as the ‘go-to’ expert?

Combining my skills and experience in digital course creation, with a heavy dose of passion, purpose and heart, I create inspiring design, underpinned by a robust branding strategy, that will result in your ideas coming to life and your business growing and thriving.

You will have more income, control and freedom to create the life you desire.

Karen Davies
Why work with me

As a female entrepreneur and business owner, I understand the challenges of creating, running & scaling a business.

I have built and grown a successful branding and design consultancy, Pink Lemon Branding & Design Ltd, and I specialise in designing and creating digital courses & content, so that you can build passive income streams which will enable you live the life you truly desire.

Why Should You Create a Digital Course?

Creating a digital course for your business is a great way elevate your brand so that you can impact more people which is achieved by leveraging your knowledge and expertise.

A digital course will also position you as an expert in your field of expertise, build a loyal following and generate more revenue for your business so that you can increase your profit-margins.

A digital course is a powerful digital asset that your business can sell over multiple times which means that for you, once you have produced the course, you can sell it over and over again making more money.

It’s not only a smart way to differentiate yourself from your competitors but it also means that you can achieve a greater impact simply by packaging up your know-how and sharing it with the world.

Creating a digital course for your business is a strategic way to make a real and meaningful difference. If you are looking to elevate your brand then creating your own digital online course is the perfect place to start.

Deciding the right tech to deliver your course
How to price your online course
How to Get Started

Creating and launching a successful digital learning experience doesn’t just happen, it requires careful planning and implementation.

I will guide you through every step of the way to creating attractive, valuable content.

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Resources to help get you started...

10 Steps to Digital Course Success

Getting started

Ready to get started but don't know where to start?

Download this free ebook book '10 Steps to Digital Course Success' to help get you started.



The Course Idea Workbook

Choosing Your Idea

Not sure on which course idea to start with?

Grab your copy of The Course Idea Workbook and start planning your course today.


The Course Creators Workbook

Planning Your Course

Want an easy-to-follow system?

The Course Creators Workbook has been designed to walk you through how to create a digital course with confidence and ease.



Ready to get started?

Creating passive income streams can be overwhelming, but my advice is don’t do it alone. Regardless of what stage you at in the process, I would encourage you to pick up the phone and together we can discuss your ideas to formulate a plan of action.

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